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All groups are open to all registered members.  Feel free to join multiple groups in the same category (for instance, if your degree was in the Renaissance, but you are also interested in contemporary art, join both Interest Area groups).
By belonging to a group, you can contact other members, post on the group blog, and keep up-to-date about news and happenings relevant to your interests.  Please do make use of these features to keep other CA members informed and involved.  This is a professional site, however, so we do ask that you use discretion regarding the content and frequency of your contact.
As with the rest of the site, we are always trying to make improvements.  Particularly with the Regional Groups, we have tried to match the categories to the demographic of our known members, but will certainly make these groups broader or more specific as becomes necessary.  If you have suggestions for other groups, contact
If anyone is interested in taking a larger role with any group, especially regional groups, please do contact
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